"You are the light of the world." – Matthew 5:14

Posts from 2015

People aren’t bad

Popular “Christian” Theology Today: People are not bad, they are human, we just makes mistakes. This popular theology is unbelievably harmful to the church and flat out wrong. The idea is that man is inherently good but does have a few small blemishes. The bible teaches something very different: man is not only bad, He…

River Landing Outreach

Lost a few minutes of video as one camera dies and an iPhone begins recording. Missed the interaction with the atheist unfortunately. Had about 40 people that do not attend Fellowship sit and listen to the gospel message. Pray for them! Feel free to like and share our content!0

Decisional Christianity

As I talk to people I often here the terms “accepted Jesus” or “made a decision for Jesus” or “invited Jesus into my heart” when referring to salvation. Whenever I hear it, you’d think as a pastor I would celebrate, but the reality is, it saddens me to some extent. It saddens me first of…

Calamity Coming

May 20th, 2013 an F5 tornado with winds peaking at more than 200 Miles per hour hits Moore, Oklahoma. Neighborhoods, stores, and schools are indiscriminately flattened by this monster storm which appeared out of nowhere. When warning sirens started blaring, thousands of people headed for shelter where ever is could be found. Sadly, many did…