"You are the light of the world." – Matthew 5:14

Sermons from January 2015

Teen Challenge Saskatchewan

We had a group in from Teen Challenge to share about the ministry and God’s working in their lives in leading out of addictions. Feel free to like and share our content!0

Man’s hatred of a Sovereign God

Luke 4:22-30. Jesus teaching in the synagogue in Nazareth shows not only the nature of His ministry, but the sovereignty of the God of this ministry. Men will tolerate all the doctrines of God, with the exception of the presentation of a sovereign God who does all He pleases. Feel free to like and share…

Striving Toward the Goal

Phil. 3:7-14 We all start out as legalists who see ourselves as earning God’s favor by who we are and how we live. Once saved, we see these as the really are. As believers, we need to guard against falling back into that thinking. Feel free to like and share our content!0