"You are the light of the world." – Matthew 5:14

Sermons from July 2015

Who Is John the Baptist?

Luke 7:24-35 John sent 2 of his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the expected one. Jesus addresses the crowd that heard the question from John with some question for them regarding John. The point of Jesus remarks were to show that John was indeed a prophet, and as such when he pointed to Christ…

Are You The One?

Luke 7:18-23 John the Baptist in jail sends his disciples to ask Jesus one question: Are you the one expected, or should we expect another? No other person in history can we say was expected to come, but Jesus was. Very specific details of who He would be, what He would do were given hundreds…

Jesus Wins

Revelation 1. Times look tough, but as believers, we must remember that the end is already determined. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20