Sermons from October 2015

Sermons from October 2015

Sent to Preach

Luke 9:1-9 Jesus sends out the twelve to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God. There is much directly applicable for us today in the mission Jesus gives the apostles in this passage. Compassion for those we share with, boldness in presenting the message of repentance which brings conviction of sins. May we be faithful to our Lord and proclaim His message to the ends of the earth. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20…

How Do We Respond to Sin?

We are all sinners, and sin has many consequences. So what does a godly response to personal sin look like? Psalm 51 gives us a great look at the Christian response to sin. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20

Enter His Courts with Thanksgiving

How much do we have to be thankful for? The Apostle Paul tells us that God gives us life, breath, and everything. So do we thank Him for everything? Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20

Life & Healing

Luke 8:40-56 Jesus returns to Capernaum and is met by a great crowd, including two people that the gospel focuses on. One man name Jairus, whose only daughter, twelve years old is at the point of death. He begs Jesus to come heal her, and while on their way a woman came to Jesus from behind and touched the edge of his cloak and is healed of twelve years of bleeding. we learn much about the human condition. Jesus is…