Sermons from March 2017

Sermons from March 2017

What Must I Do?

Luke 18:18-30 A ruler of the synagogue came to Jesus with an all important question. What must I do to inherit eternal life. In answering the question Jesus brings the man to the law. In the answer we see that if it at all rests on “our work” it only requires perfect law keeping and perfect submission to Jesus lordship. Those who oppose Lordship salvation should give a listen, because they might be surprised what Lordship salvation actually believes. Feel…

To Such Belongs the Kingdom

Luke 18:15-17 People bring their children to Jesus to have Him bless them, and Jesus uses this to continue teach on the topic of who enters the kingdom of God. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20

How Can a Man Be Right Before God?

Luke 18:9-14 Jesus speaks a parable to those who trust in themselves that they are righteous. The world is full of all kinds of religion seeking to answer our question, but the Lord shows that there is one way to be right with God, and it is not by our own merit. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20