Sermons from June 2017

Sermons from June 2017

How Can the Christ Be David’s Son?

Luke 20:41:44 Now that Jesus has shut down the questions of the Sadducees and the Pharisees, Jesus has a question of His own for these. If the promised Messiah is the Son of David, then how can David call this Messiah his Lord? Jesus points to the book of Psalms as the authoritative word of God from which this question comes. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20

In The Resurrection

Luke 20:27-40 Seeking to entrap Jesus and display Jesus as a teacher who couldn’t answer the tough question, the Sadducees decide its their turn to show their superiority over Jesus. They come with the “supposed situation”. Suppose that a man has a wife and he dies leaving no children, and following the law, all seven of his brother marry her and yet she has no children for any of them. Whose wife will she be in the resurrection? Jesus sees…

Render To Caesar!

Luke 20:19-26 In seeking to entrap Jesus and bring Him to a point of collision with the Roman authorities, the spiritual leadership of Israel sends spies, pretending to be a part of the crowd wanting to be taught by the Lord, but secretly looking for evidence to use against Him that He might be put to death, they ask Jesus a question about the lawfulness of paying taxes to Rome. Jesus answer stops their mouths and provides much truth for…

Parable of the Wicked Tenants

Luke 20:9-18 Jesus tells a parable to the chief Priests, scribes, and elders of the people of Israel letting them know that He is fully aware of their plans to kill Him, and what this means for them. The parable of the wicked tenants is recorded in all three synoptic gospels. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20