Sermons from August 2017

Sermons from August 2017

What About the Abomination of Desolation?

Luke 21:20-24. Luke focuses on both the short term foreshadowing, as well as the long term ultimate fulfilment of Jesus words in the Olivet discourse. Today we focus on the words Luke does not record, which both Matthew and Mark give detail of, as Jesus points to this abomination of desolation that is to come, which Matthew says is a reference to Daniel’s prophecy. If we are going to understand Luke 21, we need to see that it is prophecy…

The Time Before the End Times

Luke 21:8-19 Are we in the end times? According to Jesus in Luke 21, we are in the times before the end times. A time of escalating turmoil and trouble, but not like will be seen in the time of great tribulation. That is yet to come. How are we to live during this time? As messengers of the gospel. What is our message to be? It is to be what scriptures tells us our message is. Listen as we…

Let No One Decieve You!

Luke 21:8 What is prophecy? How important is it? Should we be able to understand it? Why did Jesus speak the words of Luke 21 to His disciples? He spoke so they would not be led astray. Prophecy is given to us so that we can understand what is to come. Feel free to like and share our content!4 0 20 20