Upon moving to Saskatoon from a farm my family located a block from the church. The church at that time was Ebenezer Baptist. We attended regularly and I attended the Sunday school programs. At the age of 13 the Lord opened my heart and mind of my own sinfulness and my need for a saviour and was saved and baptized. I continued attending the church through my teen-age and college and career years up until 1987. At that time Sandra and I were married and lived in a different area of the city and attended a church close by to us. In 1990 we moved back to this neighborhood and started attending a college and career bible study on Romans taking place in the basement of the church office. By this time Ebenezer had built a new church and sold this building and facilities to Fellowship Baptist. The study was very in depth and Sandra and I had our 1st introduction to the biblical doctrine of grace. Because of this and the teaching on Sundays and Wednesday Evenings we stayed and begin to serve in various areas eventually becoming members and after many years I was brought into leadership of the church as a deacon in 2003. The leadership structure of the church at that time had a Pastor with the occasional assistant pastor and a group of deacons who did a combination of deacon and elder duties. I served in this role up until 2015. In 2015 as we aligned the church leadership structure to more reflect the NT church with a plurality of elders I was appointed as an Elder and affirmed by the membership into that position and have served in that positions as well as many other areas of the church since. It has been an incredible blessing to watch how the Lord has been growing this church with young and older families, couples and singles from many nations all over the world desiring to know the word of God, desiring to be members and wanting to serve the Lord where each one has been gifted. Sandra and I have one daughter Lena who is married to Ben. Sandra and I have been blessed to have so many years of excellent biblical teaching from this local assembly and look forward to what the Lord may have in His great plan for His church now and eternally. Phil. 3:20 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Steve