Recovering The Gospel 2018 Media

Recovering The Gospel 2018 Media

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Session 1: Pastor Steve Flippin brings the opening message of the conference looking at the errors pressing on the church today, and Acts 17:1-8 to see the mission, message, authority, and results of faithfulness as we preach Christ crucified.

Session 2: Mike Abendroth bring the message of the gospel as found in 1 Cor. 15.

Session 3: Phil Johnson brings the message from Matthew 3 and the baptism of Jesus. Jesus came to fulfill all righteousness.

Session 4: Kevin Armstrong brings the message on justification by faith from James chapter 2.

Session 5: Q & A Session 1

Session 6: Mike Abendroth preaching on justification by faith alone.

Session 7:Kevin Armstrong Preaching on the suffering that accompanies faith in Jesus Christ.

Session 8: Phil Johnson preaching on Jesus substitution for Barabbas in death.

Session 9: Mike Abendroth preaching on Hebrews 4 and the gospel of grace.

Session 10: Q & A Session 2

Session 11: Phil Johnson preaching from 1 John 1:8-2:1.