Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

Threefold Ministry of Jesus

Jesus is undistracted by the accusations of the Pharisees, and continues on in the ministry He began in Matthew 4:23. Here we see the threefold ministry of Jesus and His heart for His people.

Eyes of Faith

Matthew 9:27-34 Two blind men prove to have better sight than the spiritual leaders and the entire crowd following Jesus. Spiritual eyes to see Jesus for who He really is.

Coming To Jesus By Faith

Matthew 9:18-26 Two individuals come to Jesus for healing and find our Lord to be accessible and willing to hear their pleas and respond to their faith.

Lord of the Storm

Matthew 8:23-27. Jesus resting in the sovereign will of the Father sleeps while the boat is tossed by the storm. The disciples, fearful for their lives, awake Him, and then become terrified at what they see.

Pierced For Our Transgressions

Matthew 8:14-17 Jesus fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah 53, according to Matthew, in the physical healings we see in Matthew 8-9. But isn’t Isaiah 53 about spiritual healing?