Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

The Lustful Look

Matthew 5:27-30 How do we rightly interpret the law, and more how do we rightly apply the law to the life lived in grace?

Applying the Law

Matthew 5:21-26 Murder? What constitutes as breaking this law of God? Is it merely the act of caring out the deed? Jesus instructs on a proper view.

Unless Your Righteousness Exceeds the Pharisees’

Matthew 5:20 If we are not to relax even the least of the commandments, then what about the fourth commandment? Are we guilty of this? I mean if our righteousness is to exceed the Pharisees and the scribes righteousness, didn’t they take the Sabbath really seriously? What does this mean?

All Will Be Accomplished!

Matthew 5:18 Jesus is teaching on the authority of scripture and the fact that He is Himself the fulfillment of all that the Law and the Prophets wrote of. How seriously does Jesus take the scripture? If we follow Jesus, how seriously then should we take the scriptures?