Luke's Gospel (Page 12)

Luke's Gospel (Page 12)

Calling Sinners

Luke 5:27-32. In this text we see the calling of Levi (Matthew) to follow Jesus. A call to a sinner to repentance. A call to faith in Christ. What hope is found in this passage, as we see a man most in the culture would have said was too much of a sinner to even be saved.

Catching Men

Luke 5:1-11. A miraculous catch of fish opens the eyes of Peter, James, and John to the reality of who Jesus is. The result, a glimpse at their own sinfulness, a cry for mercy, and a call to follow. Those men left everything to follow Jesus. Have we?

The Authority of Jesus

Luke 4:31-37. What is your authority? Do you understand where Jesus fits in that question? Here in Luke 4, we see Jesus teaching and those who hear Him are amazed at His teaching, and further at His power behind that teaching.

Man’s hatred of a Sovereign God

Luke 4:22-30. Jesus teaching in the synagogue in Nazareth shows not only the nature of His ministry, but the sovereignty of the God of this ministry. Men will tolerate all the doctrines of God, with the exception of the presentation of a sovereign God who does all He pleases.

Defining The Mission

Luke 4:14-21. Luke begins his record of Jesus ministry to men with Jesus teaching in the synagogue in Nazareth as he reads from the book of Isaiah. Good news to the spiritually impoverished, release from blindness, and liberty for the captives.

Submission to the Spirit

Luke 4:1-13. Jesus led by the Spirit in the wilderness faces the temptations of Satan. Jesus reveals a great deal to us of the character of God. The more we know this God, the more we will trust and submit to Him.

Beginning Jesus Ministry

Luke 3:21-38. We see in today’s passage the beginning of Jesus earthly ministry as He presents Himself publically to be baptised by john the Baptist. Why? John’s baptism was that of repentance for the forgiveness of sin, but Jesus had no sin. So why would he submit to such a baptism? We also look at Luke’s genealogy of Jesus which differs from Matthew’s gospel. Why the difference?

Results of Bold Witness

Luke 3:15-22. We see the results of faithfully preaching the gospel message in the life of John the Baptist. Some will laugh, some will be indifferent to the gospel, some will hate you and persecute you, but some will believe.

Out of the Darkness

Luke 3:1-6. Luke give us a historical perspective of the times in which John the Baptizer began his ministry and ultimately when Jesus comes onto the world stage. It is a dark time when sinful men rule on the earth. God’s work in not in the least stifled by darkness. He works great things right in the midst of darkness in bringing men to Himself.