Luke's Gospel (Page 13)

Luke's Gospel (Page 13)

Witnesses to Jesus identity

Luke 1:21-38. A less familiar portion of the birth story of our Lord, Mary and Joseph submit to the law of God in circumcising Jesus and offering the sacrifice prescribed. They encounter two witnesses in the Temple, Simeon, a righteous and devote man, and Anna, a prophetess who lives an exemplary life who give testimony, under the leading of the Holy Spirit to the identity of this child Jesus.

Glory in the Highest!

Luke 2:8-20. Jesus birth is announced to the most unlikely of people who become the first evangelists in the New Testament.

The Birth of a Great King

Luke 2:1-7. God at work in the world to bring about the exact conditions, in the exact place, at the exact time to bring forth His Son Jesus Christ. Christmas without the fluff. Simple humble circumstances as the King of Kings is born.

A Promise Made is a Debt Unpaid: Part 2

Luke 1:67-79. Zechariah’s prophetic praise in response to the Lord’s bringing His Messiah in fulfillment of the promises to Abraham. Three covenants which are not three separate entities, but rather extensions of the original promise to Abraham. Therefore we must understand what those promises are.

A Promise Made is a Debt Unpaid: Part 1

Luke 1:67-79. Zechariah’s prophecy as he is filled by the Holy Spirit is completely centered around the covenants of God related to salvation, the Davidic, the Abrahamic, and the New Covenants. As we start examining this passage, we begin with a brief look at the question: What is prophecy? This is foundational for proper interpretation. In this message we look at the first related covenant, the eternal covenant God made with David concerning the throne of Israel and David’s descendant…

Promises and the Promiser

Luke 1:57-66. God brings his promise of a child born to Zechariah and Elizabeth to fulfillment. This passage of scripture is all about God’s faithfulness to His promises. So we ask the question: Do God’s promises depend on our response to Him? Some say yes, but what does the Bible say?

The Heart of Worship

Luke 1:46-56. We look at Mary’s song of praise to the Lord, and we recall the life of praise she has already demonstrated and we see one who truly loves the Lord because she knows Him. Do we know Him? Do we understand who He is like she did? If so we too will be a people of genuine worship.

Blessings Come Through Believing

Luke 1:34-45. Mary, told of the child she will bear, a child that would be great, who would reign on David’s throne, who would be the Son of the Most High, is face with a choice. To believe, or not. We see that she did believe, and she was greatly blessed through her faith. We too are blessed when we believe.