Luke's Gospel (Page 2)

Luke's Gospel (Page 2)

Condemnation of The Innocent Man

Luke 23:13-25. The Jews, after Herod refuses to find Jesus guilty, return to Pilate demanding that he impose the death penalty in the case of Jesus. They have accused Him of misleading the people, so Pilate calls the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, hoping the people will challenge the leaders desire to have the man Jesus put to death. It doesn’t work out as Pilate had hoped.

The Fourth and Fifth Trials of Jesus

Luke 23:1-12. Jesus trial by the Jew has been completed, and upon the declaration that Jesus must die, He is hauled off to the Roman governor to be put to death. Pontus Pilate examines Jesus, declaring Him to be innocent, but the Jew demand He be condemned. So Pilate passes the buck and sends Jesus to Herod to be examined.

Judgment of the Jews

Luke 22:63-71. The Jews arrested Jesus and brought Him before the High Priest, and eventually before the full Sanhedrin who have already determined that He should be put to death, and now seek to justify that decision.

Peter’s Failure

Luke 22:57-62. An incredibly disappointing event as we see the disciples who had been really the leader of the twelve deny three times that he knew Jesus.

The Betrayal of a Kiss

Luke 22:47-53. The betrayal of the Lord which Jesus has been pointing to as coming for some time in His teaching arrives. Judas leads a crowd to arrest the Lord, and in a pretense of affection for Jesus, He betrays the Lord with a kiss.

The Hour of Temptation

Luke 22:39-46. Jesus instructs His disciples to watch and pray that they not enter into temptations, then He models for us the need for prayer when tempted.

Preparing to Witness to a Hostile World

Luke 22:35-38. Jesus instructs His disciples that one this next mission they are about to be sent on, this time they are to go prepared to be received in a different manner than the last time they were sent out alone. This time they will not be received so warmly, in fact as the world has rejected Jesus, so His disciples will be rejected. They are then to go with preparations made for their provisions.

Satan’s Demands

Luke 22:31-34. Peter, the leader of the disciples, after the dispute about which of them is the greatest, is addressed with the shocking words of Jesus: “Simon, Simon, Satan has demanded to have you, to sift you like wheat!” Praise God this is recorded in the Bible for us, because great hope if found in the remainder of Jesus words to Peter and ultimately to us. The devil is powerful, but the devil is God’s devil!

God’s Sovereignty in Action

Luke 22:21-32 During the events of the last supper, Jesus informs the disciples that one of them is betraying the Lord. In today’s text we see the conversation that takes place after this becomes known.

The Lord’s Supper

Luke 22:14-23 Jesus and the Disciples eat the Passover meal together Thursday evening of Passion week, and Jesus uses the symbolism of this meal to show that Passover is really a celebration of the promise of God that one day a satisfactory lamb would be sacrificed providing salvation for all God’s people.