Sermons on Authority

Sermons on Authority

God has Spoken By His Son

Hebrews 1:1-3 God is a personal God who desires to be known. He has spoken at many times and in many ways but now, personally through His very own Son, God has spoken.

All Will Be Accomplished!

Matthew 5:18 Jesus is teaching on the authority of scripture and the fact that He is Himself the fulfillment of all that the Law and the Prophets wrote of. How seriously does Jesus take the scripture? If we follow Jesus, how seriously then should we take the scriptures?

The Word Richly Dwelling

Colossians 3:16-17. How does peace rule in the Christian community? What informs this peace and sets its boundaries? Paul say the Word of Christ is to inform the umpire of faith.

But Now That Faith Has Come!

Galatians 3:23-29 If the law doesn’t save because that was never its purpose, then how is a man saved? Paul shows in his defense of justification by faith alone that it is by faith, it has always been by faith, and if any is ever saved it will always be by faith. It doesn’t matter who you are, faith is the only way to be right before the Lord.

Introduction to Galatians

Galatians 1:1 Who wrote it? Who was he writing to? Why was he writing? What did he say? As we approach any book of the Bible these questions need to be asked of the text if we wish to come to a proper understanding. Often, in the epistles of the New Testament, some of these questions can be answered as we consider the opening lines of the letter. These are important portions of the letter and we should not breeze…

Beware of the Scribes

Luke 20:45-21:4 Jesus shifts the focus of His ministry from warning the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees, to teaching HIs disciples, and He begins with a warning about the scribes.

How Can the Christ Be David’s Son?

Luke 20:41:44 Now that Jesus has shut down the questions of the Sadducees and the Pharisees, Jesus has a question of His own for these. If the promised Messiah is the Son of David, then how can David call this Messiah his Lord? Jesus points to the book of Psalms as the authoritative word of God from which this question comes.

Render To Caesar!

Luke 20:19-26 In seeking to entrap Jesus and bring Him to a point of collision with the Roman authorities, the spiritual leadership of Israel sends spies, pretending to be a part of the crowd wanting to be taught by the Lord, but secretly looking for evidence to use against Him that He might be put to death, they ask Jesus a question about the lawfulness of paying taxes to Rome. Jesus answer stops their mouths and provides much truth for…
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