Sermons on Baptism

Sermons on Baptism

Jesus Came To Be Baptized

Matthew 3:13-17 Jesus humbly presents Himself before John specifically to be baptized. His ministry begins with confirmation from heaven.

But Now That Faith Has Come!

Galatians 3:23-29 If the law doesn’t save because that was never its purpose, then how is a man saved? Paul shows in his defense of justification by faith alone that it is by faith, it has always been by faith, and if any is ever saved it will always be by faith. It doesn’t matter who you are, faith is the only way to be right before the Lord.

Prepare For What’s To Come

Luke 12:49-59 Jesus continuing in his sermon speaks of the coming judgement, and what standing for Christ would bring in this world: Division. He also points to the need for discernment. As judgement is coming, how should we live?

A Kingdom Divided Falls!

Luke 11:14-23 Jesus is confronted by some who claim that His miracles are works of the power of Satan. In His response, Jesus shows the absurdity and error of their thinking. A Kingdom divided cannot stand. There is a need for Christians to know when to separate, and wisdom needed to understand when we are to be united.

The Who What and Why of Baptism

Baptism is an area where we find some confusion within the church today, but the confusion is not a result of ambiguity of scripture. God’s word is clear in this area. IN today’s service we celebrate as two sisters in Christ submit to the ordinance of baptism.