Sermons on blessing

Sermons on blessing

To Such Belongs the Kingdom

Luke 18:15-17 People bring their children to Jesus to have Him bless them, and Jesus uses this to continue teach on the topic of who enters the kingdom of God.

The Importance of Thanksgiving

Luke 17:11-19 Man’s condition, according to Romans 1, is such that we supress the truth of God, and refuse to honor Him and give Him thanks. Here in Luke 17, we see a picture of ten men, ten lepers who come to Jesus for healing. Our Lord graciously heal all ten. Only one of these returns to Jesus in a heart of praise and thanksgiving. Do we return to give Him thanks?

Faithful/Unfaithful Servants

Luke 12:35-48 Jesus continues His teaching on faithfulness to the Lord as we set our focus heavenward. There is great reward in faithful service to our King, but Jesus also teaches that there is curse for the unfaithful.