Sermons on Commission

Sermons on Commission

Our Aim: To Please Him!

2 Cor. 5:1-6:2. Jesus has given the church her purpose. We don’t need to create it, we don’t need to envision it, we need to be faithful to it as revealed. We are to live for Him while proclaiming the message of reconciliation and carry out our ministry.

Paul’s Second Jerusalem Visit

Galatians 2:1-10 Paul retells of his next visit to Jerusalem, and his point is to show hat he did not receive his gospel from any man, or group of men, not even the apostles. We investigate the problem we find in this text in determining exactly which visit to Jerusalem Paul is speaking of, and why it matters.

Introduction to Galatians

Galatians 1:1 Who wrote it? Who was he writing to? Why was he writing? What did he say? As we approach any book of the Bible these questions need to be asked of the text if we wish to come to a proper understanding. Often, in the epistles of the New Testament, some of these questions can be answered as we consider the opening lines of the letter. These are important portions of the letter and we should not breeze…

The Ascension of our Lord

Luke 24:48-52 Jesus, after commissioning His disciples to take the gospel to the end of the earth, it carried out of this world, and promised to return.

The Message Commissioned to Proclaim

Luke 24:44-49 The great commission as recorded by Luke. Jesus comes to His disciples and after proving Himself to be truly there, He opens His disciples understanding of scripture to both His person and work as foretold in the Old Testament prophecies. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan of redemption, as is the witness of the disciples in proclaiming repentance for the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name.

Preparing to Witness to a Hostile World

Luke 22:35-38. Jesus instructs His disciples that one this next mission they are about to be sent on, this time they are to go prepared to be received in a different manner than the last time they were sent out alone. This time they will not be received so warmly, in fact as the world has rejected Jesus, so His disciples will be rejected. They are then to go with preparations made for their provisions.

By What Authority?

Luke 20:1-8 Jesus is confronted by the religious leadership who are seeking to destroy Him and commanded to tell by what authority He does the things He is doing? His answer leaves little wiggle room for these.

Go Out and Compel People to Come

Luke 14:15-24 Jesus continues to correct and rebuke the Pharisees who see themselves as guaranteed recipients of the Kingdom of God. Here we see a parable of great significance for us. The gospel invitation is generously wide. It extends even to the highways and hedges, and praise God it does!
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