Sermons on Doubt

Sermons on Doubt

Simple Faith

Luke 9:37-45 A father brings his child to Jesus for healing. He had begged the disciples to cast the demon out of his son, but they were unable. Power is found in our weakness, when we understand that we don’t have the power needed, but we simply come to Him who does and surrender to His will.

Calming the Storm

Luke 8:22-25 Jesus and His disciples sail across the sea of Galilee and encounter a storm. The fearful disciples awake Jesus with desperate pleas for help. Jesus demonstrates His authority to new heights as He calms this storm. He then asks the question we would never want Jesus to ask us: “Where is your faith?”

Going Forward in Unity

Numbers 13-14. Phil Webb shares a great message about possible hindrances to unity in the church. Are we focused on the God we worship or is our gaze fixed on problems, familiar territory, and selfish agenda’s?

Are You The One?

Luke 7:18-23 John the Baptist in jail sends his disciples to ask Jesus one question: Are you the one expected, or should we expect another? No other person in history can we say was expected to come, but Jesus was. Very specific details of who He would be, what He would do were given hundreds of years before His birth. John’s question is of the utmost of importance. Is Jesus this one promised?