Sermons on Fear

Sermons on Fear

Who Are We?

Luke 12:4-5. We are a people divinely instructed to fear the Lord. God has opened our eyes to His Holiness, His glory, and our own failure to honor and give Him thanks. He has instructed us of the infinite punishment we rightly deserve, yet He has also revealed to us the Savior who came to rescue sinners. Therefore, because we know the fear of the Lord, we persuade others! Being a Christian results in a particular lifestyle, and gathering with…

Peter’s Failure

Luke 22:57-62. An incredibly disappointing event as we see the disciples who had been really the leader of the twelve deny three times that he knew Jesus.

Now Therefore Go!

Exodus 3:1-4:17 Why don’t Christians evangelize as we ought? Are there common excuses we use to excuse ourselves from obedience to our Lord in this area?

By What Authority?

Luke 20:1-8 Jesus is confronted by the religious leadership who are seeking to destroy Him and commanded to tell by what authority He does the things He is doing? His answer leaves little wiggle room for these.

Don’t Fear them; Fear Him!

Luke 12:1-12 Jesus continues teaching about the key of knowledge, the fear of the Lord. A healthy fear of God should cure us of any fear of anything else, especially the fear of men.