Sermons on Forgiveness

Sermons on Forgiveness

He Gave Himself For Our Sins

Galatians 1:1-5. Paul’s opening of this letter is theologically rich. As we see Paul writing to challenge the believers in Galatia and call them to turn to the true gospel, he first lays out what this true gospel is. Jesus, in full accordance with the will of the Father gave Himself over to death that we might receive grace and peace from God.

The Message Commissioned to Proclaim

Luke 24:44-49 The great commission as recorded by Luke. Jesus comes to His disciples and after proving Himself to be truly there, He opens His disciples understanding of scripture to both His person and work as foretold in the Old Testament prophecies. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan of redemption, as is the witness of the disciples in proclaiming repentance for the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name.

Four Types of Men, Only Two Results

Luke 23:35-43 The crowd has multiple responses to Jesus on the cross from curiosity to mocking, but of all those present to see Jesus on the cross, we see one man saved.

The Interceding Savior

Luke 23:32-34. As our Lord is nailed to a Roman cross, we read the first of His seven sayings on the cross. From the moment the blood of our Savior’s cross began to flow, our Lord begins His work of intercession for His people.

The Kingdom: Part 1

Luke 17:20-37 The Kingdom of God is the central theme of all the New Testament. The Jews, from reading the Old Testament scriptures knew much about the kingdom, and they had certain expectations about the coming kingdom of God, but they missed the most important aspect. Entry is only by new birth!