Sermons on innocent

Sermons on innocent

The Man For Whom Jesus Died

Matthew 27:11-26 Jesus was an innocent man condemned to died for the crimes of insurection and treason, though the real insurrectionist and treasonous man was set free because Jesus was nailed to Barabbas cross instead of Barabbas.

Either You or Your Substitute, One Will Be Judged

Luke 23:25-34 How did Barabbas see Jesus death? Barabbas was a guilty man who deserved to die, yet on the cross he was to be crucified, Jesus died instead. As Jesus is led to that cross, the great multitudes of people follow Him, and the women mourn over what is happening, and Jesus instructs them to mourn rather for themselves and their children.

Condemnation of The Innocent Man

Luke 23:13-25. The Jews, after Herod refuses to find Jesus guilty, return to Pilate demanding that he impose the death penalty in the case of Jesus. They have accused Him of misleading the people, so Pilate calls the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, hoping the people will challenge the leaders desire to have the man Jesus put to death. It doesn’t work out as Pilate had hoped.