Sermons on Judgmental

Sermons on Judgmental

When Conduct Is Not In Step With Truth

Galatians 2:11-14 Do we look to the evidence of our lives for witness to the fact of our salvation? Well, Paul certainly did! In our passage Peter stood condemned (Paul’s word) because of his retreat from the gospel of grace. He didn’t preach another gospel. He didn’t deny the gospel in his teaching. Yet when the practice of his life denies the gospel of grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, Paul says he stands condemned. His conduct is…

Determined Toward Mercy

Luke 9:51-56 Jesus willingly set His face toward Jerusalem. He was determined to head to the cross for unworthy sinners like us. As they traveled toward Jerusalem, travelling through Samaria, a village rejects Jesus, and two disciples ask the Lord if they should call down fire from heaven to consume them. Condemnation is not the role of Christians. As Christ came in a mission of mercy, so we are sent to preach the good news in mercy.

Judge Not

Luke 6:37-42. The most well known verse of the Bible is also the most taken out of context. What did Jesus mean when He said “judge not”. Did he mean never talk about sin? Never call anything wrong? Obviously, that’s not it. So what did He mean?