Sermons on Kingdom of God

Sermons on Kingdom of God

Four Types of Men, Only Two Results

Luke 23:35-43 The crowd has multiple responses to Jesus on the cross from curiosity to mocking, but of all those present to see Jesus on the cross, we see one man saved.

The Word Became Flesh

John 1:14. Jesus birth is incredibly important to the Christian faith. Why does it matter that He was born to a virgin. Why does it matter that God is His Father?

The Lord’s Supper

Luke 22:14-23 Jesus and the Disciples eat the Passover meal together Thursday evening of Passion week, and Jesus uses the symbolism of this meal to show that Passover is really a celebration of the promise of God that one day a satisfactory lamb would be sacrificed providing salvation for all God’s people.

But You, Watch Yourselves

Luke 21:34-36 Jesus instructs His disciples to live in the expectation that He could come for His people at any time. We need to live ready, that this opening event of the end times does not take us by surprise.

Lessons From The Fig Tree

Luke 21:29-33 Jesus tells a simple parable and gives its explanation that His disciples know what signs will precede the coming of the Lord and the end of the age.

The Time Before the End Times

Luke 21:8-19 Are we in the end times? According to Jesus in Luke 21, we are in the times before the end times. A time of escalating turmoil and trouble, but not like will be seen in the time of great tribulation. That is yet to come. How are we to live during this time? As messengers of the gospel. What is our message to be? It is to be what scriptures tells us our message is. Listen as we…

The Temple is Coming Down!

Luke 21:5-7 Jesus and His disciples exiting the Temple, Jesus last public teaching ministry, now focusing on teaching His disciples, and some mention to beauty and grandeur of the Temple. Jesus reaffirms His earlier pronunciation that the Temple, as marvelous as it is, is going to be brought down. This the very plan of God. Throughout Luke 21 (as well as Matthew 24 and Mark 13) Jesus responds to the question of “when” and What do we look for” from…