Sermons on love

Sermons on love

Kingdom Citizen’s Rights

Matthew 5:38-42 A refresher on Matthew 5 and a continuation is our study of the Sermon on the Mount. The law must be rightly understood and applied to the believer’s life. The law is principally about love.

The Garments Of The Christian

Colossians 3:12-15 IN keeping with the picture of the garments the believer is to put off or put away, Paul here instructs Christians what to then put on in p0lace of those sinful things. Compassion, kindness, mercy, gentleness, patience, and above all love.

Judge Not

Luke 6:37-42. The most well known verse of the Bible is also the most taken out of context. What did Jesus mean when He said “judge not”. Did he mean never talk about sin? Never call anything wrong? Obviously, that’s not it. So what did He mean?

Love Your Enemies

Luke 6:27-36. Jesus teaching in the Sermon on the Mount shows us what children of the Kingdom of God look like. It is a supernatural life that cannot be explained apart from the work of God Himself in your life. Jesus teaches that we are to respond to those who might hate us by loving them in return. Not just hard to do, impossible apart from His Spirit.

God is Love!

1 John 4:7- 5:5. God is Love! What does that mean? John says if we have been born of God we too love our brothers in Christ. If we are born again, we reflect the self sacrificing love of God. So do we? Are we willing to take on burdens, hardships, stumbling blocks on ourselves so that those around us can be blessed?

Brotherly Love

1 John2:7-11. John gives us another way to examine our profession of faith to see if what we claim is true. Do we have genuine love for other believers?

The Heart of Worship

Luke 1:46-56. We look at Mary’s song of praise to the Lord, and we recall the life of praise she has already demonstrated and we see one who truly loves the Lord because she knows Him. Do we know Him? Do we understand who He is like she did? If so we too will be a people of genuine worship.

God is Love

In our world often people, including Christians, will make mention of the fact that God is love with no understanding of what that really means. Non-believer’s take that as a reason why they have no need of a savior, because God already loves them. Unfortunately, this comes from a shallow understanding of love, and little understanding of the Gospel. “God is Love” properly understood is the most terrifying truth about God. Listen as we unpack the law and the gospel…