Sermons on Ministry

Sermons on Ministry

Threefold Ministry of Jesus

Jesus is undistracted by the accusations of the Pharisees, and continues on in the ministry He began in Matthew 4:23. Here we see the threefold ministry of Jesus and His heart for His people.

Our Aim: To Please Him!

2 Cor. 5:1-6:2. Jesus has given the church her purpose. We don’t need to create it, we don’t need to envision it, we need to be faithful to it as revealed. We are to live for Him while proclaiming the message of reconciliation and carry out our ministry.

Lambs in the Midst of Wolves

Luke 10:1-16 Jesus expands the ministry beyond the twelve apostles as he sends out the seventy to preach the kingdom of God. This is a critical mission, and one filled with much danger. He gives instruct on how to respond to those who receive the message, and those who reject. It would be better on the day of judgement for the city of Sodom them for those who reject the message of Christ.

Parable of the Soils: Part 2

Luke 8:9-15. Jesus gives explanation to two questions which the disciples ask: Why do you speak in parables? What does the parable mean? This parable has much for us today. Four soil types, reflective of four conditions of the heart. The word of God fall on all four producing two results. One grows fruit, three do not. Which one are you?

Preaching and Preaching!

Luke 8:1-3. In this short narration we see much we can learn about Jesus ministry, and from that we know what our ministry should look like. What was Jesus methodology?

Defining The Mission

Luke 4:14-21. Luke begins his record of Jesus ministry to men with Jesus teaching in the synagogue in Nazareth as he reads from the book of Isaiah. Good news to the spiritually impoverished, release from blindness, and liberty for the captives.

Beginning Jesus Ministry

Luke 3:21-38. We see in today’s passage the beginning of Jesus earthly ministry as He presents Himself publically to be baptised by john the Baptist. Why? John’s baptism was that of repentance for the forgiveness of sin, but Jesus had no sin. So why would he submit to such a baptism? We also look at Luke’s genealogy of Jesus which differs from Matthew’s gospel. Why the difference?

Results of Bold Witness

Luke 3:15-22. We see the results of faithfully preaching the gospel message in the life of John the Baptist. Some will laugh, some will be indifferent to the gospel, some will hate you and persecute you, but some will believe.