Sermons on Missions

Sermons on Missions

Our Aim: To Please Him!

2 Cor. 5:1-6:2. Jesus has given the church her purpose. We don’t need to create it, we don’t need to envision it, we need to be faithful to it as revealed. We are to live for Him while proclaiming the message of reconciliation and carry out our ministry.

Determined Toward Mercy

Luke 9:51-56 Jesus willingly set His face toward Jerusalem. He was determined to head to the cross for unworthy sinners like us. As they traveled toward Jerusalem, travelling through Samaria, a village rejects Jesus, and two disciples ask the Lord if they should call down fire from heaven to consume them. Condemnation is not the role of Christians. As Christ came in a mission of mercy, so we are sent to preach the good news in mercy.

Feeding the Multitude

Luke 9:10-18 The single greatest miracle, in terms of the number of people involved (other than the resurrection), is the feeding of the 5,000 men which is found in all four gospel accounts.

Sent to Preach

Luke 9:1-9 Jesus sends out the twelve to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God. There is much directly applicable for us today in the mission Jesus gives the apostles in this passage. Compassion for those we share with, boldness in presenting the message of repentance which brings conviction of sins. May we be faithful to our Lord and proclaim His message to the ends of the earth.

Engaging with Christ

Dave Wright, missionary with New Tribes Missions shares today’s message. Are we engaging with Christ in our personal lives, we can tell by evaluating the transformation of our lives.

Preaching and Preaching!

Luke 8:1-3. In this short narration we see much we can learn about Jesus ministry, and from that we know what our ministry should look like. What was Jesus methodology?