Sermons on parable

Sermons on parable

Lessons From The Fig Tree

Luke 21:29-33 Jesus tells a simple parable and gives its explanation that His disciples know what signs will precede the coming of the Lord and the end of the age.

Parable of Two Sons

Luke 15:11-32 Jesus continues speaking to the Pharisees who grumble that He is welcoming sinners to Himself, with the third of three parables aimed at teaching the joy of heaven at sinners repenting. This story however, presses further, showing the Pharisees for who they were. They did not have the same thinking as God in this regard. In this part of our look at this parable we examine the younger son in the parable, to be followed next week with…

The Little Things

Luke 13:18-21 Jesus often used figurative language to help His audience gain understanding particularly with regards to the kingdom of God. It is so foreign to us, if we are ever to understand we need Him to speak in terms we will understand. But as we study the parables of Jesus, we must understand there are rule of interpretation we must incorporate. In this passage, Jesus tells two parables which convey 2 truths about the kingdom.