Sermons on preaching

Sermons on preaching

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John 8:12 Jesus makes an astounding statement none would fail to grasp its meaning.

Jesus Began To Preach

Matthew 4:12-17 Jesus withdrew from Judea to Galilee where He began to preach. His message, that same message we saw John the Baptist preach.

There Is But One Gospel

Galatians 1:6-9 Paul writing to a group of churches he planted skips all pleasantries and moves straight to a harsh rebuke for their deserting God by acceptance of a false gospel which had been preach to them after his departure. Paul’s message: do not tolerate any message claiming to be a gospel unless it aligns perfectly with the message Paul himself preached. We should take that same council today!

Dead in Sin

Ephesians 2:1-10 The good News of Jesus also contains some really bad news, and it is not until we understand that bad news that the good news will ever be desired or embraced. Once our spiritual condition apart from Christ is seen, the gospel does truly become the greatest good news we could ever hear.

By What Authority?

Luke 20:1-8 Jesus is confronted by the religious leadership who are seeking to destroy Him and commanded to tell by what authority He does the things He is doing? His answer leaves little wiggle room for these.

Restoring Worship

Luke 19:45-48 Jesus clears the Temple of those buying and selling, and replaces these with His own teaching. Not everyone was in favor of the change.

Joy in Heaven

Luke 15:1-10 Jesus continues his message on commitment to Christ, and as the Pharisees grumble that Jesus welcomes sinners, He tells a series of three parables to show the true purpose of Jesus in this world.
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