Sermons on Promise

Sermons on Promise

But Now That Faith Has Come!

Galatians 3:23-29 If the law doesn’t save because that was never its purpose, then how is a man saved? Paul shows in his defense of justification by faith alone that it is by faith, it has always been by faith, and if any is ever saved it will always be by faith. It doesn’t matter who you are, faith is the only way to be right before the Lord.

Why Then The Law?

Galatians 3:19-22 Why, if we are saved by grace, and God had already established His promise to save the children of faith, di God then go and add the law? Surely he changed his mind, right? He decided to add the law because His plan changed, right?  Paul answers in exceptionally clear terms. No! The law was never given as a means of giving life. The law has a wholly other purpose. It is to reveal and even increase transgression.

Satan’s Demands

Luke 22:31-34. Peter, the leader of the disciples, after the dispute about which of them is the greatest, is addressed with the shocking words of Jesus: “Simon, Simon, Satan has demanded to have you, to sift you like wheat!” Praise God this is recorded in the Bible for us, because great hope if found in the remainder of Jesus words to Peter and ultimately to us. The devil is powerful, but the devil is God’s devil!

Signs of Christ’s Return

Luke 21:25-28 Jesus is coming back! He told His disciples this truth, and He informed them in the Olivet discourse what the signs were that they should be looking for as they watch for the end of the age and the second coming of Christ.

Daniel’s Seventieth Week

Luke 21:20-24 Jesus preaches on the return of Jesus. What better authority could we ask for? God the son speaks of the signs of His coming and the end of the age. How do we know we can believe His words? God doesn’t lie.

Calming the Storm

Luke 8:22-25 Jesus and His disciples sail across the sea of Galilee and encounter a storm. The fearful disciples awake Jesus with desperate pleas for help. Jesus demonstrates His authority to new heights as He calms this storm. He then asks the question we would never want Jesus to ask us: “Where is your faith?”

The Birth of a Great King

Luke 2:1-7. God at work in the world to bring about the exact conditions, in the exact place, at the exact time to bring forth His Son Jesus Christ. Christmas without the fluff. Simple humble circumstances as the King of Kings is born.

A Promise Made is a Debt Unpaid: Part 2

Luke 1:67-79. Zechariah’s prophetic praise in response to the Lord’s bringing His Messiah in fulfillment of the promises to Abraham. Three covenants which are not three separate entities, but rather extensions of the original promise to Abraham. Therefore we must understand what those promises are.
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