Sermons on resurrection

Sermons on resurrection

Jesus Himself Stood Among Them

Luke 24:33-43 As the two disciples who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus return to Jerusalem to tell the others of Christ’s meeting them, Jesus Himself comes His people giving evidence of His resurrection by offering HIs own body as the evidence.

Interpreting the Sciptures Concerning the Christ

Luke 24:13-32 Two disciples heading home from Jerusalem after the Passover week talking about all that had happened regarding Jesus. They are met by another who journeys with them whom they don’t recognize. Luke’s first encounter with the risen Savior who opens the scriptures to show that the Christ must suffer before entering His glory.

He Has Been Raised!

Luke 24:1-12 Jesus has been taken down off the cross and His dead body wrapped and placed in a tomb. The stone has been set in place closing that grave, a Roman guard has been placed to guard the tomb and ensure Jesus body goes nowhere. He, on Sunday morning, on the third day, as the woman come to finish the job and give Jesus a proper Jewish burial, they come to find the stone rolled away and the body…

In The Resurrection

Luke 20:27-40 Seeking to entrap Jesus and display Jesus as a teacher who couldn’t answer the tough question, the Sadducees decide its their turn to show their superiority over Jesus. They come with the “supposed situation”. Suppose that a man has a wife and he dies leaving no children, and following the law, all seven of his brother marry her and yet she has no children for any of them. Whose wife will she be in the resurrection? Jesus sees…

He is Risen!: The Center of Our Faith

1 Corinthians 15. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has implication on your life whether you believe or not, and the evidence of the resurrection is staggering. There are a few theories trying to explain away the facts, but none of them hold water. Our faith rests on a firm foundation.