Sermons on Self-righteousness

Sermons on Self-righteousness

Dead in Sin

Ephesians 2:1-10 The good News of Jesus also contains some really bad news, and it is not until we understand that bad news that the good news will ever be desired or embraced. Once our spiritual condition apart from Christ is seen, the gospel does truly become the greatest good news we could ever hear.

How Can a Man Be Right Before God?

Luke 18:9-14 Jesus speaks a parable to those who trust in themselves that they are righteous. The world is full of all kinds of religion seeking to answer our question, but the Lord shows that there is one way to be right with God, and it is not by our own merit.

Sign of Jonah

Luke 11:29-36 Jesus speak of the generation in Israel at His time as being evil. These actively choose to remain in darkness rather than walk in the light. They have been given ample evidence, yet they demand more signs in order to believe. Jesus offers nothing but the sign of Jonah, which might not be what you think it is upon first reading of this text.

Morality Doesn’t Save

Luke 11:24-28 Jesus teaches about a demon that leaves a man and finding no rest and his house still empty he returns and brings seven more evil demons with him. This was a man who cleaned up his life, he turned from immorality to live a good life. But this is no protection from demons. Morality is a dangerous thing apart from the spirit of God bringing regeneration. Sinners see their sin much more easily, but good people believe themselves…
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