Sermons on sinner

Sermons on sinner

Condemnation of The Innocent Man

Luke 23:13-25. The Jews, after Herod refuses to find Jesus guilty, return to Pilate demanding that he impose the death penalty in the case of Jesus. They have accused Him of misleading the people, so Pilate calls the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, hoping the people will challenge the leaders desire to have the man Jesus put to death. It doesn’t work out as Pilate had hoped.

Parable of Two Sons

Luke 15:11-32 Jesus continues speaking to the Pharisees who grumble that He is welcoming sinners to Himself, with the third of three parables aimed at teaching the joy of heaven at sinners repenting. This story however, presses further, showing the Pharisees for who they were. They did not have the same thinking as God in this regard. In this part of our look at this parable we examine the younger son in the parable, to be followed next week with…

Joy in Heaven

Luke 15:1-10 Jesus continues his message on commitment to Christ, and as the Pharisees grumble that Jesus welcomes sinners, He tells a series of three parables to show the true purpose of Jesus in this world.