Sermons on Surrender

Sermons on Surrender

The Betrayal of a Kiss

Luke 22:47-53. The betrayal of the Lord which Jesus has been pointing to as coming for some time in His teaching arrives. Judas leads a crowd to arrest the Lord, and in a pretense of affection for Jesus, He betrays the Lord with a kiss.

True Worship

Psalm 96:4 God is to be greatly praised. Does this describe our worship? What is worship? How do you worship? We investigate these questions to see what scripture teaches.

The Crucified Life

Luke 9:23-27 Self denial, daily cross bearing, and following. The result of the saving grace of our Lord. There is a fundamental difference between believers, true disciples of Jesus, and the rest of the world not only in our confession of His identity but also in our response to who He is and what He has done that we might be saved. Though we are great sinners, we have a great savior, enough to save us from the consequence, the…

The Transformation of a Man

Luke 8:26-39 Jesus and His disciples encounter a man with many demons. Jesus heals him and the people witness the transformation of this man whom they have known.

Examining Fruit

Luke 6:43-49. What does the fruit in your life look like? Is it good fruit? Jesus teaching in the Sermon on the Mount consistently paints the picture of two men: The blessed and the cursed. In today’s passage Jesus speaks of the fruit of a man’s life as evidence of which one of those categories he belongs in.

Blessing and Curse

Luke 6:17-26. Jesus chooses his disciples then proceeds to teach them how to preach. He does this by preaching the greatest sermon ever preached, what we know as the Sermon on the Mount. He begins with a series of blessings and curses. The heart of the gospel message is found in these beatitudes. God’s work in the heart of a man shows itself in spiritual poverty, hunger for righteousness, mourning over sin.

Baptism and the Believer

Baptism is a wonderful event in the life of a believer. Today we investigate what is baptism, what is baptism not, and why would a person be baptized.

The Practice of Life

1 John 3. What is the practice of your life? The apostle John tells us in this letter that by the practice of our lives it is evident if we are children of God, or children of Satan.
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