Sermons on teaching

Sermons on teaching

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John 8:12 Jesus makes an astounding statement none would fail to grasp its meaning.

Paul’s Ministry of Suffering: Part 2

Colossians 2:1-5 Why did Paul suffer? What is it that allowed him to endure the struggle and suffering that he had to go through? Paul knew that the teaching of God’s word was worth anything that he would go through. He embraced this for the good of the elect, the body of Christ.

Entrust to Faithful Men

2 Timothy 2:1-7 Paul exhorts Timothy to be teacher with his mind set on developing other teachers. The role of the pastor/elder is to teach with the goal of building others who will faithfully teach. We are to teach how to pass the baton.

By What Authority?

Luke 20:1-8 Jesus is confronted by the religious leadership who are seeking to destroy Him and commanded to tell by what authority He does the things He is doing? His answer leaves little wiggle room for these.

The Christian Priority

Luke 10:38-42. A simple narrative tells us of a family inviting Jesus into their home. One sits at His feet listening, one serves. Who chose correctly? Is listening to Christ our best and highest concern? It should be!