Sermons on Thanksgiving

Sermons on Thanksgiving

The Importance of Thanksgiving

Luke 17:11-19 Man’s condition, according to Romans 1, is such that we supress the truth of God, and refuse to honor Him and give Him thanks. Here in Luke 17, we see a picture of ten men, ten lepers who come to Jesus for healing. Our Lord graciously heal all ten. Only one of these returns to Jesus in a heart of praise and thanksgiving. Do we return to give Him thanks?

Grace, Gratitude, Generosity

2 Cor. 8:1-15. Paul encourages the church towards giving, and sets before the Corinthians as an example of giving the churches in Macedonia. We can learn much from this passage of the heart with which a believer responds to the Lord in our giving.

The Necessity of Thanksgiving

Psalm 50. Where does our praise and worship originate? Thanksgiving is at the very center of the Christian life. Our people share the thankfulness of their hearts to the Lord in this message.