Sermons on Worship

Sermons on Worship

True Worship

Psalm 96:4 God is to be greatly praised. Does this describe our worship? What is worship? How do you worship? We investigate these questions to see what scripture teaches.

The Heart of Worship

Luke 1:46-56. We look at Mary’s song of praise to the Lord, and we recall the life of praise she has already demonstrated and we see one who truly loves the Lord because she knows Him. Do we know Him? Do we understand who He is like she did? If so we too will be a people of genuine worship.

It is Time!

Luke 1:26-33. The announcement of all announcements. The time has come for the savior of the world to come.

Jesus, The Perfect Revelation of God

Luke 1:1-4. In various places in the New Testament we are instructed that Jesus is God, and Jesus perfectly reflects God to us. As we begin looking at Luke’s Gospel account, we do so looking to see Jesus as clearly as we can, because we are told that eternal life is found in a relationship with Him, and to have relationship we have to know Him. This is the first message in our study of the book of Luke.