Sermons from April 2020

Sermons from April 2020

All Will Be Accomplished!

Matthew 5:18 Jesus is teaching on the authority of scripture and the fact that He is Himself the fulfillment of all that the Law and the Prophets wrote of. How seriously does Jesus take the scripture? If we follow Jesus, how seriously then should we take the scriptures?

The Righteous Shall Live By Faith

Romans 1:17, Romans 3:9-30 What is faith? What does it look like to “live by Faith”. Jesus has been raised, the end has been proven to us, faith dictates we live for that end trusting in God to bring about what God has declared He will bring about.

Justified by Faith: Peace With God

Romans 5:1-11 Good Friday Service 2020. The greatest need, and the most dangerous threat to any man is not the current circumstance, it is not Covid-19. The greatest danger is the second death, the fact that man will stand before a Holy God and being His enemy, that’s not going to go well. We need rescue!